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About SFC

In the late 1960s, many families moved to Sweden from Finland, where the vast majority of Swedish believers have their roots. The first congregation was established in Stockholm in 1965 and since then, a total of five congregations in Sweden and one in Norway's capital Oslo have been created. Today there are a total of about 500 members in all of the congregations as well as a large number of children.

In 1970, a missionary committee was created to organize services in Sweden. In 1973 the committee went over to become the interconnecting organization for the Swedish congregations, and was called Sveriges Fridsföreningar. In 1981 the SFC, (Sveriges Fridsföreningars Centralorganisation) was founded.

SFC has an overall responsibility for devotional services and various forms of child and youth work held in Sweden and Norway. Work is carried out largely by the local congregations. One of SFC's work committee’s most important tasks is to organize missionary services in Sweden and Norway. Preachers from Sweden also participate in mission trips to other parts of the world. Camp activities and publication work is another area of work that SFC organizes.

Operations were initially in Finnish, but have increasingly shifted to being bilingual, with translation into Finnish or Swedish. A large proportion of the child and youthwork is in Swedish. Sermons are held in Swedish for the most part.

There is a tremendous need for publications in the Swedish language. In order to promote the production of texts and sound recordings in Swedish, in 2010 the SFC formed a publications committee responsible for the production of publications in Swedish.

The SFC's purpose is to kindle and stimulate the Christian life of Faith among the public and emphasize Christian moral habits, social and civic responsibility, love for their country and respect for the heritage of older generations. The Revival Movement is active in the Evangelical Lutheran Church.