About us


The most central activity of the SFC is the devotional services that are open to all and bring together people of all ages. Devotional services are organized regularly by the local congregations and are held in our own service premises, and occasionally in individuals’ homes. Because we are a revival movement within the Swedish state church, we also have services and worship services in churches or parishes. We are also take part in the State Church's worship services. Dalarna and the Stockholm congregations have their own service premises.

The SFC's first summer services were held in Dalarna in 1985 and have since then been held annually by various congregations. This summer service is the SFC's biggest annual event.

The SFC's main task is to perform mission work. This work allows us to collaborate closely with our sister organizations; the SRK in Finland and the LLC in North America. Preachers from Finland make regular mission trips to various places in both Sweden and Norway. Preachers from North American visit Sweden annually. On various occasions, preachers from Sweden travel to preach at services in Finland, Norway and North America. This exchange of preachers is important for all believers located in different parts of the world.