About us

Our faith

The foundation of our Faith is the Bible and The Lutheran Confessions. The core of our doctrine is preaching about the suffering of Christ, his death and resurrection, and how a person can find the grace of the kingdom of God, consequently how God justifies man.

In old Laestadianism it is taught that the Holy Spirit attains this justification through the Gospel. A person is justified only through Faith, by Grace and through the merits of Christ. God justifies the sinful in his congregation. Jesus has given the responsibility of reconciliation to the congregation and its members. The power to preach the Gospel is the Holy Spirit's duty. His own use this commission. When they preach the Gospel to all created man, they also proclaim the absolution of sins, which is the core of the Gospel. In the Gospel the forgiveness of sins is preached in Jesus' name and blood. Faith comes by hearing and by hearing, the Word.

Faith is a gift of God. God has given the gift of Faith to all people who are born into this world.

Baptism is the good consciences covenant with God. In baptism, the child’s Faith is strengthened and the child is lifted into the care of the congregation. A person who has fallen away from grace of baptismal covenant gets the gift of Faith back through repentance.

Repentance is a changing of the heart. According to Luther, it means that you repent and suffer for your sins, but also to have your sins forgiven in the Gospel, thus the absolution of sins. Forgiveness is the essence of the Gospel.

Communion is a memorial meal that Jesus instituted. It is intended for believers, to strengthen their faith.

The Kingdom of God exists on earth, according to the teaching of Jesus. On Earth, it is a Kingdom of Grace and in Heaven a Glorious Kingdom. God's congregation unanimously believe, teach, and love.