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Digital songbook

The SRK has, in cooperation with the SFC and LLC, released a new songbook mobile application.

Have the songs and psalms handy at all times! With the new songbook application you can purchase the SRK's, SFC's or LLC's songbook - or all three if you wish. You can also purchase and download notes and melodies. All of the content purchasing is handled within the application. A new function that is available is the ability to choose favorites. The search function has also been improved.

Head over to the App Store or Google Play to download the application.

! If you wish to purchase the application for use on a computer (for example in church), contact the SRK's publications/sales by phone +358 40 558 3768 or email julkaisumyymala@srk.fi.


Where can I buy the app?
The new app is available for download via App Store and Google Play. The app itself is free but the actual content is purchased within the app.

How much does the new app cost?
The cost depends on what content is purchased. The app itself is free but for it to work, it is required that one of the SRK, SFC or LLC songbooks are purchased. One songbook (language) costs 14,99 €. Additional content costs between 4,99 € and 14,99 €.

What is new in this app compared to the old app?
It is possible to purchase multiple songbooks within the same application whereas before there were separate apps for each. Additionally, it is possible to purchase notes and melodies for the song texts (4,99 €).
A new function is the ability to create a list with personalized favorites. The search function has also been improved. For example when doing a text search, it is more flexible with special characters. The ability to move between songs has also been simplified. By swiping a song text to the side, it is possible to move between songs.

Will more content to released to the app?
Yes. In the near future, the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran church's add-on booklet with psalms will be available for purchase (4,99 €).

If I have not entered my card payment information in an Apple or Google account, how can I purchase the application?
It is possible to pay with a gift card to Google Play and App Store which are sold in larger stores.

Why has this songbook app been developed?
The old app was built on older technology and the functionality was no longer guaranteed with new mobile devices and tablets. The older apps can no longer be updated due to the older technology upon which they were built.

Will the old songbook app still work?
With the release of the new app the older app will no longer be available for purchase. The old app will still work on those devices which have already installed it but will not be available to download. The old apps will no longer be updated but will also not be shut down. The older apps functionality can no longer be guaranteed.