Dalarnas congregation

The congregation in Dalarna, which was founded in 1970, has 210 members. The congregation also has a large number of children. The congregation owns its own facility in Bodarna in Gagnefs municipality where services are held on Friday and Sunday. The congregation of Dalarna organizes services in Borlänge and Gävle a few times each year. Additionally, the congregation arranges a church Sunday once a year in the Mockfjärd and Gagnef state churches. The congregation also participates in services at the state church and arrange their own activities at the state church.

The congregation in Dalarna has very active operations. Sunday school and Bible class for the children and the youth is organized each week. For the older youth activities such as Bible studies, singing and discussions on Friday evenings are organized. For the younger children, day circle is organized for two hours, twice a month. Retirees meet once a month. To raise funds for the congregation’s expenses, well attended bazaars are organized, which includes the sale of pastries, food, crafts and raffle tickets.

The congregation has its own website with their service schedule and contact information. It is available here: