Oslos and omnejds congregation

In the late 1980s, Old Laestadian devotional meetings where organized in Oslo. There were only a few believers in Oslo. In the 1990s, a large number of migrant workers moved from Finland, most of whom were young people and young families. Services were organized and eventually a congregation was founded in 2001. The congregation became a member of the SFC in 2004. A large portion of the Finnish labor migrants have moved back to Finland, the membership of 75-90, has dwindled to today’s to about 30 members.

Worship services are held once a month in Oslo and at the surrounding parishes’ premises. Preachers come from the SRK, and from the SFC. The sermons are usually held in Finnish and translated, if necessary, to Norwegian. The congregation also organizes song services, Sunday school, Bible class, discussion evenings for the youth, evening activities and bazaars.

The congregation has its own website with the service schedule and contact information. It can be found here: