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Home and family work

Alongside mission work, children and youth work has been and still is an important part of the work of the Kingdom of God that the SFC organizes and performs. The purpose of this work is, in collaboration with the local congregations, that people both young and old can hear the comforting message of our Lord Jesus Christ. This work is conducted in the following areas:

Children and youth work

The SFC's mission is to support local congregations in day circle, Sunday school and Bible class work. This is done by organizing discussions and workshops.

Camp work

The SFC organizes annual camps for the children, the youth and the adults.

Confirmation work

SFC conducts confirmation classes in cooperation with its sister organization in Finland (the SRK). Since teaching in Finland is in Finnish primarily, the SFC organizes and manages the interpretation and translation for the Swedish speaking young people so they can also benefit from the instruction.

Family work

In addition to the traditional work with the children and the youth, the need to work with homes and families has increased. This work is done in collaboration with the local congregation’s diaconal committee. An example of home and family work is a gathering where people get together to discuss current issues and events.